Employee Engagement Infographic

Employees Distraction Inforgraphic


  • Ben Simonton says:

    Good graphic. But to do better we first need to understand the cause. The cause is a management that views its job as doing whatever it can to get the work done. This usually includes some or all of goals, targets, orders, directives, policies, corporate mission statements, corporate value statements, visions, strategies, and even rewards (do this and you’ll get that). These are all forms of telling people what to do and the truth is no one likes being told what the do especially since it is their job to decide what to do, when to do it, and how to do it 24/7 whether management is around or not. So these all tend to demotivate, demoralize, and disengage employees. People are disengaged because they don’t feel valued and respected.

    The fix is to stop telling people what to do. Start asking them what they need to do a better and giving it to them 24/7 or telling them why they can’t have it. And this change does not result in tens of percent of performance gains. No, we are talking about hundreds of percent as happened to me when I did it.

    • Kevin Young says:

      Thanks for the comment Ben. As you noted, there are many factors impacting employee engagement, and making sure employees feel valued and respected is critical. The Gallup report linked above outlines some of these factors in greater detail. We are also trying to shine a light on engagement challenges related to distraction and remote working and how technology like video conferencing can help bring greater focus and more meaningful interactions across organizations, while also helping remote workers overcome the core challenges of staying in sync and connected.

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