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A Day in the Life Of… Alex Haldemann, Chief Executive Officer at MetaDesign

Our Fuze community around the world get up to all sorts of activities, every day! Once a month we profile you, the user and a typical day in your shoes. If you’d like to participate please email bryony@fuze.com. To kick things off, Alex Haldemann takes us through 24 hours running global branding agency, MetaDesign. Alex Haldemann,

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CBS MoneyWatch: CEO Interview, David Obrand, Fuze

Fuze CEO, David Obrand, sits down with CBS MoneyWatch reporter, Amy Levin-Epstein to talk about the path that lead him to Fuze, the importance of building a strong corporate culture, marrying a maniacal customer focus with data-driven decision making, balancing a demanding career with family life, and advice for up-and-coming leaders. Read the article here

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