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Viva Science! Why Some Meetings Are Exhausting (Literally)

It turns out, meeting fatigue is a real thing. We’ve all experienced bad conference calls, but some just feel more exhausting than others. I’m not talking meetings that are frustrating because of poor preparation and facilitation or because the discussion has little relevance to your job (See The Ugly Truth About Meetings). I’m talking about

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Connecting and Engaging a Global Workforce at Gartner PCC

Earlier this month Fuze sponsored the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in Los Angeles. The conference explored the variety of strategies and emerging tools organizations are using to drive bottom-line growth. Hearing from industry leading analysts and top thought leaders in the space, the trend toward employee engagement through mobile, social and analytics was

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How Video (finally) Delivers on its Education Promise: Imitating and improving interactions.

When video first started appearing at universities in the late 90s, it came with the hopes of connecting remote students and institutions as if they were in the same space. Academics coined the phenomenon “flipping the classroom”: the idea that students could easily complete coursework – typically bound by a classrooms’ four walls – from

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The flood test; ensuring business continuity without an office.

As a company, we talk a lot about the opportunities video interactions provide in terms of cost savings, efficiency and productivity. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen businesses across the world disrupted by unforeseen circumstance; underground closures in London, flooding in other parts of England, heavy snow across America’s east coast. Many

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Schedule Fuze Straight from Google Calendar

We believe Fuze should work the way you do — flexibly across the devices, networks and applications you use to get work done. Based on customer requests, we’re complementing our existing Microsoft Outlook calendar integration with the ability to add Fuze to your Google Calendar meetings — with just one click. With our Google Chrome

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