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How Video (finally) Delivers on its Education Promise: Imitating and improving interactions.

When video first started appearing at universities in the late 90s, it came with the hopes of connecting remote students and institutions as if they were in the same space. Academics coined the phenomenon “flipping the classroom”: the idea that students could easily complete coursework – typically bound by a classrooms’ four walls – from

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Universities Breaking Distance Barriers with Fuze Video Collaboration

Leading universities standardizing on Fuze, giving students access to new resources and curriculum; allowing faculty to connect in new ways, regardless of location Fuze displaying new video collaboration technology at Internet2 Global Summit SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER – April 8, 2014 – Hearing impaired students in disparate locations learning together through a rich visual experience.

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Fuze + Internet2 Offer HD Video Conferencing Service

At Fuze, we believe in spreading the power of technology to help people everywhere collaborate, communicate and learn. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Internet2, an organization that brings together great minds in research, academia and government

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